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Is It Time For a
Personal Reset?

Warrior MBS is a 60-day, team-oriented experience that will increase your mental clarity, supercharge your physical fitness, and provide a fresh spiritual grounding that will support everything else you do.

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Whether it’s Weight Loss, Increased Energy, or Better Mental Clarity, the Warrior | MBS experience is all about RESULTS. So, if after 60 days you are unsatisfied with the results of your experience, will will refund your full investment, guaranteed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the program.

No, Warrior MBS workouts only involve body weight exercises. However, having access to standard playground equipment like park benches and monkey bars is helpful.

Around 40 minutes. This includes 25-30 minute workout, and 10-15 minutes interaction with your team.

No. The entire experience lives on the Warrior MBS app, which is where you will interact with your team and Coach Jeremy daily.

Of course! Managing a healthy lifestyle while on the road is a challenge we all face. Rather than taking a week off and “blowing it”, this program will keep you on track to meet your goals, while remaining manageable during travel.

What you eat is the single most important factor in your physical fitness. We provide you with a simple eating plan that includes a wide range of delicious whole foods the vast majority of experts agree on. This basic nutrition plan can be described as ancestral eating. The closest modern day label would be PALEO. There will be ZERO calorie-counting, portion-control, or other diet industry BS.

Yes and Yes. This is where the magic happens. The entire team is broken down into 3-man “triads” or 4-man foursomes. Each week, these triads are scored as a whole (not individually) on their execution of that week’s workout, eating, and spiritual special operations, as well as their team huddle attendance. Each triad’s score is then placed on our Warrior | MBS leaderboard, and updated on a weekly basis, with bragging rights and prizes for the top performing triad, not to mention the bi- product of improved fitness. This is the accountability piece, and it’s the key to the entire experience.

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